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Four Maryland Universities Make It to Top Universities List

You are currently viewing Four Maryland Universities Make It to Top Universities List
Johns Hopkins ranks highly among Ivy Leagues in the ranking.
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The U.S. News & World Report always annually publishes a list of the top universities in the country. They expand with countless other side lists that narrow down the categories as well. For example, they also have lists of the best private schools, public schools, and even historically black colleges and universities. Maryland had four schools make the general top universities list, one even ranking in the top 10. Here are the four universities:

University of Maryland, Eastern Shore

This university is the lowest-ranked Maryland school, coming in at number 369 on the list of national schools. However, in the ranking of top historically black colleges and universities, it came in at number 14. This university is best known for its research programs, particularly in ecology and agricultural science. The school is on the smaller side, having an undergrad enrollment of around 1,933 students.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

This University of Maryland came in at number 133 for the ranking of top national schools. When the list is cut to only public schools, it ranks number 70. This university has a significant size difference from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. It has an undergraduate enrollment count of about 10,625 students as well as 17 Division 1 teams.

University of Maryland, College Park

This university came in second place among the Maryland schools, ranking number 46. On the list of top public universities, it came in at number 19. The school lives just outside of Washington D.C. and brings with it many who are interested in working in government. This school is significantly larger than the previous two, having an undergraduate enrollment of more than 30,000 students. The most popular courses of study here are computer and info sciences, engineering, and business.

Johns Hopkins University

Rounding out the list, coming in at the highest spot for any Maryland school is Johns Hopkins University. This university took the 9th spot on the list, sitting among many Ivy League schools. Johns Hopkins is best known for its research in health and science, as well as engineering. The university has separate, respectively top-ranking graduate schools for medicine and engineering. This school is extremely selective, having a 7% acceptance rate for its undergraduate enrollment coming in just about 6,000.

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