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Chevy Equinox Comes In Through Various Costs At $49K And Up

You are currently viewing Chevy Equinox Comes In Through Various Costs At $49K And Up
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Chevy is thinking about talking more big game about the Equinox EV as they put out a call four journalists to understand. What many may just now realize is that Chevrolet is finally raising the prices on one of their electric vehicles. This may be a significant push for the company.

Chevy is looking to start shipping off these Equinox EV models at the beginning of 2024. Already, from the looks of it, General Motors notes that over 200,000 consumers are interested. The beginning front-wheel drive will come across as a cost of nearly $49,000. In the interim, the AWD is looking at a price tag of around $3400 in addition. Not to mention, there’s a high chance for qualification of a $7500 discount for both federal and utility discounts too.

Inside the car, there are plenty of features, like the 17.7-inch-diagonal color touch-screen. All while coming equipped with a multi-color ambient lighting service. The assistive driver features also include the Chevy Safety Assist and HD Surround Vision Camera, Safety Alert Seat, Reverse Auto Braking.

Additionally, Equinox EV is paired up with 21-inch black wheels, heated front seats and heated flat-bottom steering wheel.

As far as deliveries are concerned, there’s a high chance that they’ll begin at the cost range of $30,000 as a price tag, instead there’s an even higher likelihood that it’ll come it to just under $35,000.

Honestly, for General Motors to pull this move is the smartest thing they can do for the advocacy of having cleaner vehicles be the point of buying new cars in the future.

This car has the power to impact other car companies with the legacy that electric vehicles are just now beginning to establish in the 2020s. Furthermore, the Equinox is a classy looking sports utility vehicle that will make mom vans cool again.

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