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Enclosed Auto Shipping

If you are planning to transport a vehicle, you need to choose if you want to ship it in an open or enclosed trailer. While it is cheaper to ship in an open trailer, in some cases it is best to go with enclosed auto shipping. Shipping in an enclosed trailer ensures the highest level of safety for your vehicle. Even though open car transport is very safe, your vehicle will be exposed to weather conditions, debris and road dust, and dirt. With enclosed auto transport, you will not have to worry about any of that: your vehicle will be delivered in perfect condition!

Enclosed Auto Shipping with Baltimore Car Transport

Enclosed Auto Shipping

Baltimore Car Transport provides both open and enclosed auto shipping for you to choose from. If you are shipping an exotic car, our team will make sure to take care of it! We provide exotic car shipping for rare classic cars, sports cars, and other exotic vehicles. Our driver will pick up your car at your chosen location and ship it door-to-door in an enclosed trailer. All of our drivers are trained professionals who know it all when it comes to safe and secure Baltimore auto transport. They also take full responsibility for the cars they move. That is why they provide insurance for our clients’ vehicles for the time of transit.

Buying a luxury car from an out of state dealer or auction? Ship it right to your doorstep with Baltimore Car Transport! With our enclosed car shipping you will not have to worry about adding mileage to your new car or getting it dusty.

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