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Maryland Auto Transport is located in the state of Maryland, which is one of the Mid-Atlantic states. The largest city in Maryland is Baltimore, while the capital city is Annapolis. The state is one of the original thirteen colonies. Maryland was founded by George Calvert as a safe place for Catholics seeking religious toleration. Area wise, Maryland is one of the smallest states. However, it is very densely populated with around six million residents.

Maryland has a very diverse economy, which includes biotechnology, manufacturing, the Baltimore Port, agriculture, and fishing. The port is actually number two in the US when it comes to the import and export of automobiles. The state may be small but it has the highest median household income out of all the states.

Maryland Auto Transport has a mission to provide its customers with an amazing experience. We make sure that our customer is nothing less than satisfied at the end of the delivery. Our team will professionally plan the whole transport of your vehicle. We ship all types of vehicles including boats, military equipment, luxury cars, classic autos, and commercial vehicles such as limos and taxis. We have the means to ship to all 50 states.

A variety of shipping options are available for you to choose from. To fully make sure of your satisfaction, we completely insure your vehicle during the delivery process. Also, you won’t be able to beat our prices. For a free quote, you can fill out a short form right here on our website. Our agents will get in contact with you shortly after.